Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero


Strategy and management in the age of adventure


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Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero is a management game with a very interesting history. A theater actor from modern times is transported to a fantasy land in which he is caught in the crossfire of a fight for power between the king and his enemies.

With the help of this young actor, the player will have to manage their resources, construct buildings, give orders to the rest of the characters, get resources, and in general, complete missions, so that they can get to the end of the adventure.

The game has several strong points. The first of which is that its simple game play allows you to manage everything and enjoy the adventure just by using your mouse. Secondly, the very colorful and beautiful graphics, and that it only requires a few system resources to show off its powers.

Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero is an entertaining game. It doesn't have a deep enough game play to entertain the most demanding players, but it does count on a fun, enjoyable gameplay for everyone.

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